CozyCanine Winter Dog Vest

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Walking your dog in cold temperatures can cause frost bite and hypothermia. That's why veterinarians recommend using a jacket while walking your dog in the winter.
  • Keeps your dog warm and comfy
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Designed for all dog sizes
  • Leash attachment points provided
" As a vet, I highly recommend using a dog coat particularly in colder months. Dogs can be susceptible to cold temperatures, especially those with short fur or smaller breeds. "
Dr. Emily Turner, DVM
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The perfect solution to keep your furry friend warm

Our winter vest is designed with your pet's well-being in mind, offering a range of benefits that prioritize safety and preventing illness. Here are four key advantages of our Winter Dog Vest.

Exceptional Cold Weather Protection:

Our winter vest is crafted with high-quality, insulated materials that provide superior warmth and protection against the cold. Its snug fit ensures your dog remains cozy and comfortable, even in freezing temperatures, preventing them from shivering and risking hypothermia.

Reflective Safety Features:


Safety is paramount, especially during dark winter evenings. This dog coat comes equipped with strategically placed reflective strips, enhancing your dog's visibility during walks. This ensures that both you and your pet stay safe by being easily seen by passing vehicles and pedestrians.

Water-Resistant and Windproof


Winter weather can be harsh, with rain, snow, and biting winds. Our vest is designed to shield your dog from the elements, offering a water-resistant exterior and windproof construction. This added protection prevents your dog from getting wet and chilled, reducing the risk of catching a cold or suffering from discomfort due to wet fur.

Easy to Put On and Take Off


Dressing your dog in this coat is a breeze. With a user-friendly design and adjustable straps, you can quickly and securely outfit your pet for outdoor adventures. This not only ensures your dog stays warm and dry but also saves you valuable time during your daily walks.


Investing in our Winter Dog Vest is not just about keeping your pet stylish but also about safeguarding their well-being. With superior cold weather protection, reflective safety features, water-resistant capabilities, and easy usability, you can enjoy winter outings with your dog worry-free, knowing they are safe and snug. Don't let the cold weather compromise your pet's health - get them the protection they deserve with our Winter Dog Vest today! 


Pet Parents Are Raving Over Their Dog Vest!

"So, It's a game-changer! Super comfy fit for my pup, no awkward movements. Kept him toasty in the cold, great for our nightly walks. Totally recommend it for a hassle-free winter vibe!!" -Mary G.

"Ideal for chilly Northeast days/nights! Medium size was spot-on for my pup, but if your dog's got a lot of fur, consider sizing up. Major plus: the leash clip rings make walks a breeze.."

John W.

"I Snagged this for my baby, and she's loving the easy zip on her back – no more wrestling with snaps or zippers. The D rings are genius, no extra layers needed, and leash attachment is a breeze. Sized up, fits perfectly, and she struts around comfortably without any escape attempts.." Monica J.


Absolutely! The CozyCanine Winter Dog Vest is designed with a water-resistant outer layer, providing protection against light to moderate snowfall. However, for extended exposure, Please monitor your dog.

To find the perfect fit, measure your dog's chest girth and length. Consult the sizing chart provided, and choose the size that corresponds most closely to your measurements.

Yes, the CozyCanine Winter Dog Vest comes in various sizes to accommodate different breeds. From small to large dogs, there's a size for everyone. Just be sure to measure your dog accurately and refer to the sizing chart to ensure the right fit.

While the CozyCanine Winter Dog Vest is primarily designed for outdoor use in cold weather, some pet owners also use it indoors for added warmth. However, it's important to monitor your dog's comfort level and remove the vest if they become too warm.

The CozyCanine Winter Dog Vest is machine washable for easy maintenance. Simply remove any excess dirt or mud, and toss it in the washing machine according to the care instructions. Allow it to air dry thoroughly before the next use.

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Mckenzie Torphy

Fits just right

Declan Stamm

Looks amazing! love it!

Troy Streich

Top top top!! Size 4XL is just perfect for my 40lbs boubou!!

Stewart Hegmann

Love the leash loops

Juana Toy

Very good product for Bulldog of 33lbs size 3XL. This is the second I buy to have a spare when it rains.💯..